Sitemap - 2023 - Galactic Underworlds

Hayao Miyazaki’s Galactic Underworld

What I’ve Learned from Hermits

When We're Living in the Spoils of the Underworld

Peace is a Dream

I Hope You Find Some Refuge There

October is Loss, and Sunshine

Do Gods go to the Underworld When They Die?

How to Find God Underground

Welcome to My Prehistoric Fantasy Life

Mushrooms Are More Than Just Magic

How to Get Lost in Deep Time

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Intellectual Power that Moves Through Me

There is No Progress in Art

The Pursuit of Coziness

My Synthetic Cave Experience

Why the Catacombs Are Unamerican

Chewing Barbie’s Feet

Food is a Vessel to the Underworld of Memory

Baba Yaga and the Mushrooms

Prayers for the God of Fungal Disease

What Entanglement Always Seems to Hide

How Scientists Speak with the Dead

What’s the Appeal of Underworld Tourism?

Words Carve Out Riverbeds Where Our Thoughts Can Flow

What it Feels Like to be Watched by the Moon

Why Ecological Thinking Needs the Afterlife

How to Use Your Underworld Senses

How My Mother Taught Me to Stare Into the Abyss

We Need to Talk About Nothing

What if There Were No Such Thing as Trash?

What I’ve Been Doing With My Primal Grief

How to Inhabit the Belly of the Earth

Join us in NYC for an April 7th Celebration: Soils of Sisterhood!

How We Learn to See Ongoingness

How to Age Gloriously

When the Night is Thick Enough to Slice Like Butter

Talking About Religion & Science, in Kansas

A $3 Billion Afterlife Industry

How to Read a Death Card

Books I Almost Didn't Read

Fat of the Bone

A History of Creativity

Life, Death, and Sisters

Men Who Think About Animals

What is a Galactic Underworld?

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